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Sound Quality

I'm using my TEC8-Grunge with my Lotus(crap) guitar and my Peavey Rage 158 practice amp. It can get very noisy sometimes, the effects could sound better too. The grunge isn't really that great but their are many types of distortions that are fun to play around with.


All in all, its a pretty reliable pedal, the only problem's I've had with mine are the power adapter died for some freak reason and had to get that replaced. Also the "Bank" button doesn't work anymore. I've opened it up to see, "what the dilly", and I have no idea why it doesn't work.

General Comments

Overall it is a pretty good pedal for someone who just wants some cool effects to play with their favorite band. If you are someone who is planning on playing with this at a gig, I would recommend something else. Not sure what, I haven't been looking ;-)

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