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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I mainly use fender stratocasters. I have a 79 and a 60th Anniversary mexi strat with Tex-mex in the neck and middle position. And a Semour duncan Hot rails in the bridge. I know...I can here the hiss and boos. The new strat sounds better on this vox than the 79. I love the Dumble clean at high volumes. In manual setting tweak the mid and bass. Tweed is awesome its as close to vintage as you can get for your money. Like I said before it is what it is. The UK 70 in some of the other reviews has been labeled a Marshal JTM 45 OR a super 800. I am pretty sure it's a HI-WATT and wow it has a bottom end to it that has some punch!!! My 2 favorites are US hi gain and boutique od/Dumble. CRANKED UP!!! Turn back the volume on the gtr and this is some of the most exciting tones I have ever made. US HI-G makes me feel like I have something close to a Solano. It gets muddy with boost or tube overdrives. The nu-metal is just down right awful to me. I have never heard a mesa sound like it. It's a misrepresentation of a dual-rec. Theirs no control over its harshness and it seems very mechanically sounding. The AC 15 & AC 30TB that's the original boutique sound. Very close to the original and should be for obvious reasons. I hear from a lot of guys that's a Vox don't sound like one. Because I wasn't modeling one. Other player are impressed with the sound , the price and the Vox name.


This amp has been very reliable. It does what it clams to do. Their are limits to its use. Does it replace any of the amps it modules? No!! Never will. Who can replace a 59 bassman, a Dumlble overdrive special, a Marshal jtm45 or a vintage HI-WATT? Some of us have the cash too. I don't, I bet you don't ether.I want all of these amps but I cant'. So I did the next best thing I played all the modeling amps out there and Vox was the one I couldn't stop thinking about. 25 years of playing,and watching gear prices that were affordable once become out of reach for most of us. Hats off to Vox for having the vision.I never new I could have this much fun with tone. I was always told find a tone and stick with it, don't complicate things. I use this amp every were I can. For now I don't have a backup. Until Vox MAKES AN ALL TUBE VERSION that is. So far so good.

General Comments

I have been playing for 25 years. I have sold gear I shouldn't have and had to. It happens when you need money in an emergency. If my amp was lost or stolen I might buy the vox pedal board w/the 11 modules and maybe a 50 watt stack. Just because of I really like to have at least 2 10" speakers. Maybe a Cornford,Fuchs, Solano or Bad Cat. I would rebuy it if money was an issue. I don't like the noise reduction character. I don't mind amp noise. I play strats Its part of the sound. The noise reduction makes it feel like the amps not wide open. Like an all tube amp has a feel as if you still have a lot of head room left. I wish this amp had a open back option. But I do PLAY it !@#$%*& LOUD! And I do enjoy what this amp does. The comparable amps like fender cyber or what ever seem to lack vibe. The line 6 I came close to buying. I don't think any of them as modeling amps are as good the VOX. It is what it is. It seems the closest Ill get to any of the great amps it employs.

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