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Sound Quality

I use a Marshall Half stack with a Marshall vs100 valvestate amp. THe Digitech unit works fairly fine. The DISTORTIONS all seem to suck but most of the effects work quite cool.


Im not sure about reliability since i really haven't used it in a gig yet. Im about to but i can't say i would trust it 100%. Always have another dependable unit of distortion for gigs.

General Comments

I guess im almost happy with this unit. I been playing for 6 full years and I'm heavily involved in music and giging so i know when sound quality is at its best. You can find better effects units but for the price i paid im completely happy. ADVISE: don't pay full price for this thing. Buy it use and reset the dam thing. When i bout it i had to reset it. Press and hold both of the top setting buttos (the ones with the arrows pointing up) and disconnect the currency input. If you see the unit reads RESET, your ok.

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