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Sound Quality

Very nice! Much better than I expected! I use it in a small home studio for radioproduction, to "sweeten and spice" the sound up just a little. It works a treat on it. The end result is much more vibrant and transparent. Great job!


No experience with this EQ, because I just bought it. But judging on other Behinger gear I use, I don't expect any trouble here.

General Comments

Technically it's a nice piece of equipment. But there are some (minor) points. My overall judgement



+ Very nice sound. This quality is hard to beat in this price range!

+ Easy to use

+ very very affordable (as almost all stuff from Behringer)

+ Looks nice and solid


negative: Most negative points have to do with the layout.

- Knobs and switches look nice but are not very practical. You can't see your settings in a glance and when flipping a switch I often accidently turn a knob in the same move, because everything is so close together.

- What are the meters indicating? There is no scale, no nothing. They are nice to look at, but that's about it.

- Also when the EQ is standing to right of you you can't read the meters at all, because the meters are round instead of square, so the needle is behind the casing if you look from a side.


Overall: great sound, looks nice, but they sacrificed some practicality to the looks. But all together, it's a cute piece of equipment, which does what it was build to do: lighten up my sound!!!


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