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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

I use this pedal as a clean boost for solos in the effect loop of my amplifier. I used this pedal in the effect loop of a Marshall DSL, VOX AC30, ADA-MP-1, Mesa Boogie Studio, Marshall Silver Jubilee. I tried the pedal with clean sounds to all out metal using guitars ranging from EMG-equipped LPs, to vintage LPs, Strats, Ibanez Jems, explorer etc. The first time I plugged this in, I had to find the sweet spot to get the right amount of boost. Oddly enough, the gain knob must be set below the 1/2 way mark to get a boost. I would expect the midway mark to be no boost and to turn the knob clockwise for a boost and counterclockwise for a reduction in volume. My first reaction was that the pedal colors the sound when engaged and is definitely NOT transparent. The frequencies affected seem to be in the upper midrange. To me, its annoying. All I want is more volume out of the pedal. I tested the pedal with a number of different setups and amps to make sure that it wasn't the amp behaving differently because of the larger incoming signal. The pedal colored the sound with all my amps. I also tried running the pedal in front of the amp and same thing - colors the sound. It might be subtle but its there. I could not keep this pedal because of the tone altering when engaged. I bought it because I could not locally find a replacement BOSS LS-2, which I had previously used as a clean boost! When the BOSS died, I thought I would give this thing a try. Definitely miles ahead of an Electro Harmonix LPB-1 or MXR Micro Amp but still not good enough. I just needed something quick. I have now found a BOSS LS-2 and will be taking the BBE Boosta Grande off the pedal board ASAP.


Very reliable

General Comments

Doesn't really do what it says it should do. It alters the tone. I can't believe the reviews below that say that it is transparent and does not color the sound.

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