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Bryan Romano

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I would have rated this 10, but I have heard a few amps that sound better. I don't own any, but I have heard some. I have a vintage blackface twin. I liked it a lot until I bought this amp. Bottom line if you spend thousands of dollars you can get better, but from about a grand and under this is in my opinion the best sounding amp I have ever used. I play mainly on my deluxe players strat, but my teles sound great, and my gibsons are ok,not spectacular. I use pedals comp. chorus. delay. and 2 distortion pedals. and a volume pedal between the effects and amp. My favorite models are ac30, 410 tweed, I dial in a sweet semi acoustic sound with the boutique clean model, and the us highgain is my favorite dirty model. The only time I get that crappy digital distortion sound is when I turn the wattage knob down. This thing sounds GREAT when cranked. My master volume is almost always wide ass open on gigs. Not for volume, but for sound quality. Ikeep the gains borderline crunch, so I can get a little dirty when I kick my vol pedal up, or kick in compression. How loud is it? Well I play lots of clubs, and I play with lots of bands so sometimes it can't be micd. I have never ever ever played a clubthat I could not cut through the band mix with no mic, no bullshit there. Someday I might, but I have not yet, and I have played clubs that can hold 5 to 6 hundred drunks. Buy one its only 379.00


I spilled a beer in one, and it broke, so I went and bought another one, and then a friend of mine fixed the broke one, now I have 2. I did have an input jack break, but I fixed that. The first one I bought gave me problems, and Vox replaced it. I guess you could say after 4 years or so these things hold up pretty good. I leave one in my trailer in a case all the time. I rarely carry a spare amp.

General Comments

This is my baby. The other players that hear me know what I play on. They know it is part of my personal signature sound. It ALWAYS sounds great. I have played right along side other players playing high dollar amps, and mine has always been comparable where sound quality is concerned. I have a blackface twin, a peavey classic 50, a vintage fender champ, a peavey triumph, and a line 6 practice amp, this thing sounds much better than all of those. If I thought I could get a better sound for a grand or less I would spend the money, but it cannot in my opinion be acheived

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