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Sound Quality

My experience is a bit different than some of the others on here as I didn't install mine in a nice high end tube amp. Mine went into a lowly Marshall 8040 - a first generation Valvestate. It's a 40 watt combo with 1 12" speaker and a single 12ax7 tube in the preamp. It came with a stock Celestion - I forget the model number but it was one of their cheaper ones, G12L or something like that. I bought the amp used for a pretty low price just to use as a back up for my Mesa Boogie. Before the swap the amp sounded fair at best, pretty thin sounding. But after installing the Hellatone, it was like a totally different amp - absolutely night and day! I've done speaker swaps in amps before, but I've never heard such a radical difference. If you heard this amp in a blindfold test, you'd be very surprised to find that it's a Valvestate. It sounds fantastic now - so much fuller and richer.It's got a low end presence that it didn't have before, and the highs are much more sparkly without being brittle. Overall, it's a very balanced sound.



General Comments

I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and have owned many amps and done a number of speaker swaps. But I've never been so impressed with a speaker before. I found this one at a music swap meet where it was new and I bought it for $60. I hadn't heard of the company before, but the fact that it was based on one of the better Celestions was a selling point. Definitely the best $60 I've spent.

Reviewer's Background

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