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Pyramid Sound The Pyramid Collection Kurzweil

Sound Quality



General Comments

This is an awesome collection that is as diverse as it is huge. There are 50 banks of sounds, containing up to 100 sounds in each bank. It covers a very wide range of sounds from a variety of sources. Some banks are labeled by type such as Acoustic Piano, Film Score, Sonic Worlds, Textures, Vibes/Marimbas, etc. And some are labeled by the synths they are sampled from. Since this came out in 1998, the synths are mostly some of the great ones of the 90's such as Korg Wavestation (lot's of those), 01/W, M3R, Roland JD800/990, JV series, Proteus, Alesis QS8, etc.


I spent about four days in a row auditioning these sounds and was extremely impressed with the quality and variety of this disk. I haven't gotten into all the banks yet, because I got it primarily for use in ambient music, so the sounds I'm looking for are more of the atmospheric evolving pads and filmscore-type, rather than "realistic" sounds like piano, brass, etc. For my kind of music, this collection is a gold mine. There are an unusually high number of these kinds of sounds, compared to some collections where they are a small percentage of the overall total. The sound quality is excellent and I got the feeling that the folks at Pyramid Sound Productions really put a lot of attention to detail into making this collection. They also have a number of other interesting collections available at their website. With a list price in the $200 range, it's pricey, but with thousands of incredible sounds it's well worth it. I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to breath some new life into their K2000/2500.

Reviewer's Background

I'm a recording artist and music producer who has been playing guitar, including midi guitar for over 30 years and keyboards for about 15 years, although I'm less of a "keyboardist" than a soundscape designer. After years of playing rock, fusion, etc. I'm doing mostly ambient electronic and New Age music. I'm pretty old school and use all hardware synths (Karma, Triton Rack, Wavestation, JD990, FS1R, K5000R, Morpheus, Novation X-Station). I use this sample collection on my Kurzweil K2000R with Yamaha NS10M studio monitors and Sony 7506 headphones.

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