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behringer MX2004A Eurorack Mixer

Sound Quality

The sound quality is relative to what you are using it for. I've had mine for about 6 months, and up till a couple days ago, I've used it primarily as a submixer for monitoring a rack of keyboards, synth modules, and samplers. For that application it's sounded fine - no complaints. However, when I tried to use it for recording recently, I was suprised at how bad it sounded. Tracking an electric guitar with clean tone through the board to an Adat revealed the inferior quality of the built-in pre-amps. Another reviewer described them as weak and distorted and I would have to agree.I could not get anywhere near a useable sound - even with balanced cables. It was impossible to get enough level to the recorder with out massive distortion. Even sending the signal through a Mesa Boogie tube pre-amp and into the board would not yield a decent tone. Then I tried it through the Mackie 1402VLZ and the difference was like day and night.


I've only used mine in my studio so far. But it seems reliable and I think it would be fine to gig with - depending how you are using it.


General Comments

Although I've played guitar (rock, jazz, etc) for over 30 years, my current focus is synth-based ambient electronic music. As a keyboard mixer, the 2004A has been doing a fine job for me. But for recording, it wouldn't be my first choice. In general, I like Behringer equipment and have been impressed over the years with their bang for the buck value. I also have a Behringer Ultra-Curve EQ and an Ultramizer Pro, both of which are fine products (especially the Ultra-Curve). Their gear is ususally well designed, functional, good features, decent manuals, etc.

As I said, depending on your needs and usage, this could either be a good choice or not. If I had written this review before my recent experience with it, I would have rated it much higher. But based on the quality of the pre-amps for recording, I have to knock some points off.I got a really good deal on mine and I'm happy with it for specific uses. If I were in the market again, with so much available, I'd definitely be shopping around.

Reviewer's Background

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