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Sound Quality

IBANEZ Talmar, Crate GFX212. A little noisy, but tolerable. The effects are generally good, but as with most of these reviews, the distortion from the amp serves me better. Found the chorus to be very nice, others OK.


Haven't had it that long, mine's in good shape. Using it now w/o back-up, but my amp has built in effects that aren't too bad.

General Comments

I'm a huge grateful dead fan, so Jerry and Bob are influences and the RP1 is good for most of that stuff. On the heavier side, I use the EQ extensively with amp distortion to get a Van Halen like "brown sound" but with less edge and an even warmer tone. Used to have a Zoom and it was cool for the money, but the RP-1 is good and I'd probably buy it again.

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