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Boss GT-8 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I've owned dozens of Boss pedals [and others] since 1980. I really liked most of the tones from the GT-8. However, there are dozens of patches that are useless. My favorite was the "Tweed Lead" and I prefer heavy metal sounds but with my 2ooo Fender American Series Stratocaster and 1973 Fender Champs that patch is NICE. But, I did find myself trying to tweek every patch I tried and most times I just gave up on tweeking and just going to the next patch. I tried using the GT-8 playing with my buddies on my 1978 Marshall 50 watt half stack and even though my Marshall was set up clean as can be the GT-8 produced mostly feedback, noise and mud. I believe the factory presets were created with amplifiers set at a much lower volume. This is the lowest score I've ever giving a Roland product in the sound catagory. Instead, I purchased the Boss ME-50 which is easy to use and even the factory presets are absolutely great sounding.


General Comments

I returned it to Guitar Center for a full refund! I love Guitar Center!


I think that if a was some kind of professional recording engineer/song writer I might reconsider my purchase....


...but I'm not and so I went for something much easier to use and has much better tones.


Just too complicated and the ME-50 just sounds so much better!


Boss must think musicians are rocket scientists or that we are afraid of knobs. I've seen Boss do this over and over again with their products. Like the Boss PW-10 Wha pedal... I needed to read the manual to adust the volume!

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