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Sound Quality

If you like flange you will like the BF-2. I get a great Robin Trower sound with this pedal. It's real quiet too. Anyone who complains of noise probably has their distortion turned up to high or their guitar needs help. Turn your guitar volume off and your distortion off and see if you still have noise.


I've been stomping on my BF-2 for 20 years and not one problem. Does that classify it as reliable? As far as my other Boss pedals go...yes, the jacks get lose sometimes and the rubber switch grommet deteriorates away. Sometimes the footswitches need replacement. Still I can't think of anything more reliable that I have ever owned. Maybe a wall clock but I don't step on that thousands of times or throw it in to the back of my van on a regular basis.

General Comments

If I lost it I would buy another.

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