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Marshall 1987XL 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Sound Quality

I've been a Marshall snob since 1980 when I bought my first Marshall, a 1973 50 Watt head. Since then, I've bought and sold another ten or more. I was at Guitar Center yesterday and plugged into one of these guys and I am amazed at how good it sounds. Really does sound like my friends old Marshall 1969 50 watt head. There are no bad setting on the amp. It has tons of compression and sustain (something amps have been missing since 1973). I think it sounds better than a 1972 small box 50 watter! I like it way better than the JTM 45 reissue! I guess it's the best sounding stock Marshall I've ever heard!


General Comments

I spoke to Jim Marshall at the Namm show back in the mid 80's and told Jim Marshall that I hated his new amps! (LOL) He must of listened to me because he started his reissue line of amps and cabs the next year. There's some customer support!


The price tag of over $1600 is a bit overwhelming but I guess Marshalls have always been pricey (for the good ones).




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