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Sound Quality

I used it mostly for writing and recording tunes. The preset overdriven tones are horrible but I was able to find my own settings that I think are just superb. Zoom overdriven tones are usually with the distortion at 7 or 8 and the compression almost off. This, to me, is just backwards. I found a "Plexi" like tone bringing the distortion to 3 and cranking the compression up to 5 to 7. I also added a super short reverb (50 ms) to fatten the tone and give it a real tube amp sound. Very cool. With the short reverb (50ms), compression on about 6 and the distortion on 3, my Les Pauls laid amazing tracks down on my home studio. I liked some delay too. Really a great sounding processor. Clean or dirty the tones possible are top notch. From jazz to screaming 80s metal the ZOOM was in the top of the field and a writing-recording dream. No mics to fiddle with. No noise. Consistant sounds. No outside noises. Small space. Quick adjustments. No bothering the girlfriend with endless takes. Just a bunch of advantages in the recording studio over an amp and pedals! With an amp, if you bump a mic you gotta lay all new tracks again! With the Zoom you can come back years later and if you know what setting you used your saved from endless hours of trying to recapture the original tracks.


I bought this new in the early 90s and must have put 1000 hours on it before it stopped working. (no output). I dropped it a few times from 3 feet onto carpet and maybe the input jack is broken. Shoot, this is what sucks about expensive toys. When it's broke....IT'S BROKE! Nearly $400 of fun now worthless in a drawer, too broken to use and too expensive to toss. All I have left is memories and the hopes that someday a miracle happens. There is a lot that can go wrong with these things and they are very fragile. I broke mine using it only in a recording studio. Imagine using one on the road! It wouldn't last a month.

General Comments

I've been playing hard rock and metal guitar for 35 years.


The Zoom was great for writing and recording.


Now I use a small Fender Champ and pedals for my recording.


I loved all the features it had and the great tone. it really is a wonderful thing to have in the recording studio.


I wish it was more popular like a Marshall amp so people would know how to fix them. I suppose I could try to get the factory to fix it but it would probably be cheaper in the long run to just buy a new Zoom.


Can you believe Zoom actually built this fragile little $400 toy to be worn on your belt or strap????? I guess if you are rich, you might be able to afford doing that. For myself, $400 is a lot of money.


A really fun, usable, effective, innovative, practical, great sounding product.


But I feel it was a little too expensive, small, fragile, and the compression and distortion adjustments too limited. The overdriven presets were bad and what the hell good was that kooky effect all about? Was anyone ever able to make use of that effect? Sounded like a random synthetic harmonic doubler or something. I heard it for less than a minute and never used it again. Wierd, really wierd!


In my eyes the Zoom 9002 would have been better value had it been built as a larger and sturdier floor pedal or rack mount.


I get the feeling the Zoom company thought guitarists where going to use the Zoom at the beach while skating on roller skates and playing guitar at the same time.


Even on stage, a wearable effects processor is not needed. Are you gonna change the settings on your presets in the middle of a song?


Well, it's been broken for 6 years or more and I haven't fixed it or bought another one yet.


A great travel companion for yuppie rockers. That's it niche. Otherwise, get a rackmount or floor unit for recording or playing out.

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