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Fender G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center

Sound Quality

You should know I've collected $30,000 worth of electric guitar stuff since 1969 [I'm old and been playing lead guitar since Hendrix was alive]. I totally love the sounds from this amplifier! I'm using a 2000 Fender American Series Standard Stratocaster and ALL the sounds are top notch. Yet, the best thing about this amplifier is that in just one week my lead soloing has improved 100%! The G-DEC allows me to just run over the same chord progressions for hours [and I do] and just try out all these different approches to soloing, examples are; staying in the same key the whole time, switching keys with every chord change, switching scale modes, switching pick-ups during a solo,etc... It really allows me to focus on the smallest of nuances in my playing. Nothing in this world, so far, has come close to how well this amp improves my playing! OH, AND IT"S FUN! I have adjust many patches already to my own taste. The Surfs Up patch is a great example...I turned down the reverb quite a bit and went from a great surf sound to just the most amazing classic rock tone [think "Hey Joe" from Hendrix]. There is also a "Retro Psycho" patch that has the most amazing fuzz tone. My Strat gets "tortured" on that patch. I've never gotten such great sounds from my own Fenders and Marshalls.


no idea.....looks rather breakable

General Comments

It's ugly, the display and controls are retarded, the strap is a joke, the speaker is only big enough for bedroom jamming, and there are far to few different chord progressions to choose from [maybe 10 altogether] and the phrases are really super short [16 seconds long at most].


Yet, as limited as the phrases are I can't stop jammin on this thing. I've got 40 hours already on it in one week and boy are my fingers hurting.


My suggestion to Fender would be to make a Fender twin with all those great ampflier and effect models built into it.


I really, really love how all the amp and effect models sound!


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