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Schecter Guitar Research C-4 4-String Bass Guitar

Sound Quality

As many have stated, the C-4 is great for slapping, spanking, popping, and picking but I favor a pick and just love the sound for grunge and metal. For blues this guitar is just not a good replacement for the warm tones a P bass or Jazz bass can give you. But I don't play blues or classical or all that. I like Alice In Chains and Tool and Rage Against The Machine, etc and the C-4 is the best way to nail that sound on a budget. I played all kinds of basses for not having to think twice about buying the C-4. Others might have sounded as good but none sounded better and the C-4 just plays and looks so good and was the lowest price of the good sounding basses.


I've only owned the guitar for a couple weeks but besides the questionable soldering the guitar looks strong and reliable.

General Comments

This guitar would cost over a grand if made in the USA. It's that nice! If fact, I've never played a nicer bass and it was one of the least expensive guitars in the store.

It's antique amber with gold hardware and I'm thinking I might like the black cherry with chrome hardware better.


It's a rather light weight bass especially when compared to the USA made Fenders. I'm 46 years old and I can easily stand for 3 hours with this guitar around my neck [good padded strap].


The two volume knobs are annoying as we have to turn them both to kill the volume.


The neck is first rate.


The tone is first rate.


Well balanced on a strap.


24 frets!!!


Beautiful UFO looking neck inlays!!




Hey President Bush, please don't bomb Korea!!!!

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