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DOD Overdrive Preamp/250 Reissue Pedal

Sound Quality

Don't use a lot of gain on the Marshall or the DOD 250. Just a little and do some tweeking and you will be amazed at what happens! High notes will jump out and sing and lower notes will be lost in frequency cancelations just like Yngwie gets. It's a very radical departure from traditional distortion. It is far more lively and punchy.


General Comments

I've been playing lead guitar since 1969.


I love Yngwie Malmsteens tone!!!!!!


I bought a Stratocaster and stuck a HS-3 in the bridge like Malsmteen and then bought a couple DOD 250's and almost went crazy trying to figure out how He gets that amazing transparent tone...


finally, I found out the secret and am sharing it with you!


You are so lucky!


Now, to learn all those kooky scales! Actually, I prefer to play Hendrix like stuff. Ever see Yngwie play and sing Manic Depression by Hendrix? Wow, super cool!


Just a slightly overdriven Marshall with the DOD250 in the effects loop. Actually, ALL the effects in the effects loop. That's how to get his tone.


It WILL blow your mind!



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