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Sound Quality

Twitch Fingers below did I real nice review on this amp. On it's own without a 4x12 but just the two tiny speakers it's a tough job getting a great sound from it. But, hook it up to an old Marshall 4x12 and the amp really is very special. It's tight and defined, the tone knobs do alot and the amp is very "tube amp" sounding. I also have a new solid state Crate Power Block Head and the 250ML is better sounding. The chorus is foot switchable but tends to be a little strong for my liking. The echo is too strong as well and so I use my Boss pedals in the effects loop with great success. Soloing is where the 250ML shines. Leads really cut through the mix and are fat. It's real easy to get an SRV sound (and without a tubescreamer). Floor noise is better than any tube Marshall but is still annoying. Despite what another reviewer has written I find that on the clean channel I still get decent distortion and full volume. I would say the clean channel cranked is similair to a 70's Marshall cranked. The gain channel is good but not where the 250ML really shines. I use a 2000 Fender American Series Stratocaster with Dimarzio low output humbuckers (DP217 and HM-3). The EQ section is what you'll notice first on this amp. It does alot and the tight bass is very impressive.


Time has shown us that these amps are super reliable.

General Comments

Gallien Kruger has reissued these amps and the blow out price is $999.00! List is $1400 (I think).


Considering that originals are usually worth alot more than the reissues I can't believe how cheap you can buy one of these off eBay still.


I'm looking forward to using both heads and two 4x12's to make a budget stereo rig that's extremely portable.


I've been shredding daily since 1975. I love rock, metal and grunge. Last night I learned the lead to Time from Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon LP. That was really fun and the 250ML was great!

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