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Sound Quality

Well, it still has tons of bass and so I keep the bass knob set around 9 o'clock and it's rather touchy. The middle knob sounds good from off to high noon (12 o'clock). The treble stays at high noon. Presence is 9 o'clock usually. Both volumes near max and the master knob at half volume which is around 9 o'clock. Without a boost pedal there is a good amount of overdrive. Very bluesy sounding. I end up playing SRV rythyms. Using the CE-3 Compressor/Sustainer with he volume maxed but the compression at 9 o'clock, the boost takes me right to everything from Hendrix to Tool. I have to say that the sound is awesome. The sustain and feedback are amazing. The bass rattles the streets! The highs are so sweet it can make you cry. But, the real magic is unexplainable. Maybe they just have "balls", but there is nothing at Guitar Center that has what these old Marshalls have. Also, noise is no problem. It's probably the quietist amp I own (and I own about 30 amps). My drummer and I both think my Super Leads are magic! Haunted maybe even! Still, the Bogner Ubershal interests me!


36 years old and still majestic as ever!

General Comments

I've been playing since Hendrix was alive.

If it were lost or stolen....maybe an Ubershal!


I forgot to mention than the Boss EQ scoops the mids enough to play "New Metal" but still doesn't really go to Rectifier land.


I play The Wind Crys Mary on it and I swear Jimi stops by to listen.

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