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Sound Quality

At home, I'm using a Jackson Kelly Marty Freidman Model guitar with an EMG 81 into a Lee Jackson fifty watt head. I was never quite happy with this amp, it just never had enough bite or growl(it's hard to explain) I took this pedal and plugged my guitar into it. Two minutes later I have a sound just like on the latest Slayer album. For those of you who don't own Diabolis in Musica, it's a hard hitting, huge, crushingly brutal sound. Not bad for my low quality amp. I can't wait to see what it does for my Rivera Knucklehead full stack. This pedal can add noise if you really want it to. If an acoustic dude put his guitar through this is probably wouldn't make noise, but when you boost the 1.6k frequency almost all the way up, and keep the total volume very high, it is just going to make some noise. But I guess that's what it takes to overdrive the preamp. It's certainly worth the slight bit of noise that it adds.


It's a Boss

General Comments

I play metal mostly, but I beleive that I could use this pedal for just about any style of music. I will make up for the imperfections in lower quality gear. Is your amps distortion just lacking some kick? just put when of these in front of it. Your sound will improve unless you are too stupid to move a few simple knobs. If you're trying to steal someelse's sound, then use this and you can achieve it with just a little tinkering

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