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Sound Quality

ok, now I get it.... After playing screaming heavy metal for years (maybe 30 years?) I've started to get into the blues and classic rock again...that's right "again". So with a 2000 Fender American Strat and a 1976 Fender Champ and a DOD 250 preamp/overdrive in front of the DM-2....well....now I get it! The thing about an analog delay vs. digital, is that the analog echo does sound a bit different than the original signal. This echo sounds much more natural that a digital delay, which gives you an echo that exactly matches the original signal. Also, the analog echo is warmer...ah, and smoother too. very very cool....now I get it!


24 years old and still like new. never a problem with it accept when i first dug it out of the box a few years ago. It seemed to need to warm up before working. Perhaps a dirty pot.

General Comments

I've been playing since 1969 and everyday since 1979 (finally got a good job where I could buy a good guitar and amp).


I play blues, classic 50's, 60's and 70's rock, grunge and 80's and 90's metal.


Of all people, Yngwie Malmsteen has inspired me to play the blues again. I never knew what an amazing blues player Malmsteen is (was) until lately. (no, not old black blues but Hendrix and SRV style blues).


These boxes sell for over $300 on eBay but thank God I didn't sell mine. Although, I believe, companies are starting to make analog delays again. Diamond is one such company.

Electro Harmonix still makes a Memory Man delay which is analog and costs about $200. I use to love my old Memory Man.





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