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Sound Quality

This thing is my secret weapon for my Killer metal sound.(Brown sound) I was using a Peavey Express 112 and I was always mad because I would play along with cds and my tone was never as clear and sharp as the tone on Master of Puppets or whatever I was listening to. I've bought several top of the line guitar amps and I now know that all that peavey really needed, was this little eq in front of it. I now have a Rivera Knucklehead that I refuse to use unless i have my booster(eq). if you are not quite getting that cut through metal tone that you are after, then buy this pedal(or some other eq) and pump up the frequencies around 1KHz. I also take a little out at around 400 Hz. If you boost the signal too much it adds noise, but I don't think it is really all that big of deal.


It's a boss, I can't break it

General Comments

If I had the money I would buy 12 of these just to make sure that there were plenty around to last the rest of my life. Do not play metal or rock or any high gain distortion music with out an eq. Just for the hell of it, I scooped the mids(made a smiley face) and got some very convincing clean sounds with my EMG equipped Jackson Kelly. Metal Heads DON'T BELEIVE ALL THE SCOOPED MID CRAP. THE TRICK FOR SCREAMING TONE IS TO CRAM TOO MUCH MID INTO THE AMP AND THEN USING THE AMPS EQ, SCOOP IT BACK OUT. Trust me, it works. I can't play like Eddie Van Halen, but I can have his brown sound.

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