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Sound Quality

I really love the way this amp can be made to sound. It takes a little time and make sure you really know what you're looking for. I am a real tube amp snob but I have kept this amp since I bought it new years ago. It's great for around the house when I dont want to deal with amps/cabs/effects/cords/cables. It is an important part of my collection. I can take this amp to a jam, practice or gig and carry nothing but a guitar and cord and do just fine (it has a tuner built in). The foot switch just allows you to preset 4 settings, thats all, it doesn't do anything else. I like a clean (pushed blackface), mild gain (plexi), higher gain (modern sound), and higher gain with slightly reduced volume (for some fat rhythm), that covers a lot of territory. I have never had trouble with getting a good sound. I have even had other musicians comment on how well "that solid state amp" sounds. The ability to run a second amp from it in stereo is cool. The line out is really decent sounding too. I have used this amp to record a lot of guitar tracks over the years with very good results. I record with it using the line out and it's quick and easy. I have much better amps to record with using mics. The effects are O.K. nothing special. If they had put more effects and more tweakability, the more difficult the amp would be to use. For what the amp is and it's price point the amp rates a 10 with me. They are discontinued now and a used one in good shape can be had at a really good price. They really didn't sell very well but it wasn't because they didn't sound good. The Cyber Twin still sells and its the same basic concept.


Never had a problem at all.


General Comments

Nothing is perfect, but this amp really suits me. I has a lot of the things I need in a guitar amp. Its durable, not too heavy, sounds good loud or soft, and actually easy to use once you "get" the way its supposed to be used. If you are looking for a versitile solid state amp I highly reccomend one of these.

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