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Sound Quality

I'm a guitarist, i kinda got this pedal 'cause i like DOD's and i found it cheap on ebay... (i think this is the last lime green pedal, just before it went sparkle green). I dunno, i guess it has it's uses for me, but i must say i do see it as a bass pedal really. The sound is cool, i DEFINITELY notice a volume increase and not a drop, so the guy who says it's useless live because of that should get the version i have. But yeah, bass players will get the most from this, it doesn't do subtle really, so it can be hard to fit in to my playing style.


no probs here.

General Comments

Well, i wish it could do subtle, but what it does do it does REALLY well, so it's worth having on my pedal board. It it were knicked i wouldn't seek out another one of these, id just get the EH Qtron or something.

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