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Sound Quality

My guitars - '88 Ibanez 1770, '90 Ibanez RG-550, '96 Epi Les Paul Classic, with and Invader bridge pickup. all w/wireless, SGX into power amp, into speakers. Direct into mixing console. This unit doesnt seem to be noisy at all, unless your programming is weak when it comes to setting levels in the 'chain' I feel the eight different distortions are good, with a variety of 'stock' sounds available with no EQ. Add EQ, environment simulator, and reverb for a 'room' sound, and you can sculpt your tone to what you want. I have been able to play my RG-550, definitly an eighties hairspray metal guitar, playing the blues, classic rock, ACDC, and Euro-alternative, all because of the tone shaping ability of this box. My only gripe is the pitch-shifter. It is adequate for octaves and fifths, but it should be used carefully because the shifted notes sound squeaky and shaky.


I have been using it on gigs since Nov.'96 with no backup, along with the X-15. I like it live because of the Performance MIDI programs that let me do whatever I want live.

General Comments

Overall - I love it. My band plays lots of covers, and this box helps me emulate the sounds the audience is used to hearing on their CD's. One thing I feel I must emphasize to people thinking of this unit: With this much power and flexability, comes MUCH responsability. You must LEARN to program this unit. It is easy, but there is a certain 'feel' to programming it. Learn the right way, and the unit will reward you. My bass player bought the NightbassSE, and he hated it until he learned how and got familiar with it. After he got the feel for it, he can now dial up just about anything he wants. SO, if you have one of these and are having problems getting the sound you want, keep at it and spend some 'quiet-time' (group hug) with it. Wish it had 2 tubes!

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