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Sound Quality

I was in a store when I played with it, but I got about an hour on it before I was chased off. I had gone through a few other pedals, just browsing, but as soon as I fired this one up the first test chord blew me away. After changing my pants I got hooked and started playing around on it. It didn't take long to realize that you did't even have to play - just thump the guitar and it makes you sound like a god. The thing has some absoloutely awesome sustain, and it has a nice organic grind to it. It even sounded badass on a cheap little practice amp, as well as on a large stack. If you turn it all the way up, it gets a little jumbled... but at a controlled level it gives you a texture that few other pedals can approach.


Dunno, since I don't own one (will get one when I get paid though). However, it's a Boss, a brand I almost exclusively buy (them and Dodd)... the things are built to survive nuclear wars and riots. If I had to rely on a pedal, it'd be a boss (the newer ones anyway).

General Comments

Overall, I don't tend to play any hard metal. But if you tone the sound down it works wonders for most any sound. I even combined it with a Blues Driver and Chorus, and got a slight improvement over the vintage sound. I plan to get this as my next pedal. It doesn't seem to have a very wide range of effects, but the one it does have deffinitely got my attention.

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