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Sound Quality

Great sound quality. There is a little noise but there's practically no way you can get around that cause you're pretty much boosting the signal so you'd need a noise suppressor to get rid of that before it goes in. But it also adds noise when you cut, and I can't figure that out. But anyways, the noise is so small it can barely be considered a factor. I'm using a Gibson LP Studio through a Marshall VS102r with this pedal in the effects loop. I keep the EQ's on my amp between 3 and 4 and use the EQ on the pedal mainly because it's much more versatile and better sounding. It doesn't give you mud like the amp controls can. Another trick would be to use this thing before your amp as a booster pedal. Works better with a tube amp and the boosted signal will push your amp into distortion better. I use the pedal all the time. I originally bought it as a booster pedal for my leads but loved it so much I just leave it on all the time.


Never had a problem.

General Comments

Great. I play anything from rock to blues to metal. I can get a beautiful Slash like sound to heavy metal sounds out of this.

Awesome pedal.



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