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Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal

Sound Quality

When I bought the GCB-95 used/new, I could not use it. My original tone would disappear as if someone had thrown a blanket over my amp; all I was left with was a muffled mess. I called Gary and explained to him what I was after, beside true bypass. Gary installed a new 200k pro pot, adjustable trimmers mounted on the board that give me the ability to tweak the Q (voice), midrange, volume, bass/gain, and a toggle switch for three different bass sweep options. I love the sound of this pedal. When it¿¿¿s off, it¿¿¿s off my original sound is there. The sound of this pedal is amazing; I had never known a wha pedal could sound so awesome. Also awesome in so many ways too, the expressiveness and vocabulary changes with every adjustment I make. Also, after I got the pedal to my liking with the adjustable trimmers. I still had the bass sweep toggle that took it over the top. The pedal goes from a deep rich thick bottom end, sweet midrange, to a warm hi spike. The pedal is never going to leave my pedal board. It¿¿¿s an instrument in itself.


Gary¿¿¿s work is clean and professional looking. I have had this pedal for over month , no issues.

General Comments

With all the mods installed I now have a truly flexible cry baby pedal of my dreams. Garmopatmods Rule!

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