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Sound Quality

I'm using (in Order) ESP guitar-Dunlop 535Q-Electro Harmonix Small Stone-Mesa TriAxis w/DOD 747 Flanger-Boss GT-3 (w/Digitech RP-3 in the OD/DS loop) in the loop-to a Mesa Dyna-Watt 20/20 Power amp. It is Noisy when you have a low set gate and you are using distortion but that is the same with any pedal of this nature. I chose this Flanger because it sounds unbelievably liquid. It doesn't sound like what you think a Flanger would sound like. It almost sounds like an auto-matic talk box. Insanely cool. I use it for Rage stuff, and original stuff. It sounds really cool on clean sounds with chorus. As far as distortions are concerned I wouldn't recomend you buy this pedal to play Van Halen. It don't sound nothing like him. But thats not a flaw really. Bottom line, not to noisy easy to use and unique sounding.


The switch is plastic so I can't really jump on it but it seems sturdy.

General Comments

I play almost everything. I don't play Thrash, Death, Country, or Western. I am especially fond of KoRn, Pink Floyd, Rage, Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, and Black Roses (My Band!). I would probably try and get an ibanez flanger if this one was stolen. Thats the one that Tom Morello (Rage) uses. I like the fact that it is very unique sounding. It fits my band very well. I compared it to almost every other flanger on the market including a whole bunch of vintage ones. The only ones that came close were the EH Electric Mistress and the REALLY old ibanez flanger (The new one is supposed to be the same inner electronics but in a new casing). I hate the gay knob names but other than that it is pretty cool. It does take a while to get used to if you are used to using other flangers. But once you get used to it hold on tight.

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