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Sound Quality

I'm playing this with a cheap strat knockoff with Fender '63 single coil pickups in neck and mid, and a DiMarzio PAF humbucker in the bridge. I'm also using a Dunlop wah with my marshall VS30R. I'm not really huge on flange, but it has it's uses, this one was a little weak and metallic for me. Soemtiems it's very overpowering on your sound, depending on what that may be, for me, that's a lot of stuff, rock, alternative, jazz, blues, anything that tickles my fancy at the moment. For a sixties, psychadelia-type feel, this IS NOT A GOOD PEDAL, it's better suited for a more "nu-metal" sound, which I a not into. I like my danelectro A LOT better, even Digitech's RP-300 flange is better with the right tweaks (but thats a whole separate review, comign soon)


it's a boss, ive kicked this thign around, it's fallen off a six foot stage, its even gone down a flight of stairs and it's still just like the day i bought it. i would use it without backup if it was my primary flanger, but I use my danelectro over this live.

General Comments

It's a great buy if you want a sterile, metallic flanger, but if you're like me, and into more sweeping, soft flange, then go out and BUY A DANELECTRO!!!!!!! the danelectro was a much better deal and i got it for fifteen bucks less, but I still use this sucker from time to time because I would hate to waste $105 on somethign i dont use.

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