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R :o)

Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

I play many types of music. but favour blues. this guitar is a definetly blues and or jazz instrument. i play through a marshall avt150 with a 4x12 cab. sounds very nice and full. this is a hybrid amp so its not all that bad. I also tried it out on my AX2 line6 212 and you can get a really nice tone from this amp since its a sweet modeling amp. when i tried it out for thr first time i played it through a fender 212 deville and thats when i fell in love with it. I actually traded it for the deville. even up. the guitar was almost 800 new I payed 450 for the amp 2 years ago. so looking it at that way it was a good trade:o) no noises or dislikes as of yet.


Just feeling the guitar and playing hard I can tell it would be great playing instument to take out for any gig. Hardware is solid and i would bring another guitar just so i can have a different sound like a strat. but not for the sake of having a backup per say cause something would happen to it cause it feels like a well built guitar meant to work.


General Comments

playing over 30 years. I have many guitars. les pauls, flying Vs, strats, sg, bc rich, and this one i put right up front. i love the orange color and it fitts me nicely.

if stolen i'de kill the bastard who took it!!!!!!

Reviewer's Background

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