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Sound Quality

I am using all USA Jackson and Parker Fly guitars (Ibanez is a satanic evil company making the worst, most disgusting guitars on earth) all with Duncan and Dimarzio pups, latest pup is the Dimebucker which kills. I like CLEAN tones, THICK CHUNK tones, and nice airy, milky, warm lead patches. The JMP-1 does all of these VERY very well. As with ANY high-gain pre, it can be noisy if you have your vol and gain to 20. I run a BOSS SD-1 in front of mine, with the level on the boss very low. Just adds a bit of extra punch and I am completely f'king CHUNKING big time. Its beautiful. I run an old school 80's Ashly Noise gate and I am completely silent when not playing. It's a beautiful thing. I take the JMP into a dbx 160a into the ashly gate, right to makie 1402 and print this way and its just f'king outstand. I have a Marshall JFX-1 on Auxsend1 and a Rocktron Replifex on Auxsend2, and can blend them all together when tracking. FORGET Line6 shit, and forget the PSA-1. JMP-1... your next preamp.


Nary a prob... Mine is from 1994. Perfect. Marshall RULES. Nuff said.

General Comments

I play super technical speed metal death thrash like Blink182, and Third Eye Blind. I also play super technical lead solos like Kirk Hammet. My style is very unusual and FRESH because, like my hero Kirk Hammet, I drench ALL of my leads with wah-wah to hide my {censored}ty technique, and I always stick myself in the 12th position pentatonic box. My style is very fresh and exciting with my blues box and wah wah playing.


In all seriousness.... I searched for preamps for a LONNNNNNNG time. The JMP-1 is IT. I'm DONE searching, because I found the perfect pre-amp. BUY ONE, you will NOT be disappointed. Just run a nice overdrive in front of it, get a great compressor, and a very good noise gate, and you are fully dialed in, pod'na. Peace out. And remember, help keep your kids off of Ibanez. Thanks.

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