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DOD FX25 Envelope Filter Pedal

Sound Quality

The volume drop is unacceptable when performing, NO DOUBT! I had it happen ONCE and was ready to toss this $30 experiment, but by sticking with that sensitivity knob and tailoring some licks to it, not bad. I use a '79 Greco GoIII guitar(Alembic Type Clone/FAT awesome Dimarzio HBuckers/Thick Mahogany w Maple Topand Bott.)into a Whipple Modded Vox 847A->Boss TU-2->DOD FX 25B->Fulltone OCD v4->Keeley BD-2->Boss DM-3 analog delay to either a Late 70's Randall Commander or Flextone III. The DOD gives me at least two cool sounds to utilize for funky moments....you will find that 311 "Amber" tone, as well as a close take of the Grateful Dead's "Estimated Prophet" tone. BTW This pedal IS intended for bass and I highly advise trying on bass! With the sensitivity dialed BACK, you get HUGE muffy Dub-Reggae bass tone!(think those 2x12 boxes that shake in a car....cups shake off tables with the right rig!!) A strong 8 for being versatile enough to use on two instruments.


I actually scored 2 pedals for $60....pretty cool. One was a bit more used and the batt light stays on when powered by a 9v(I prefer to keep it plugged anyway), but it works just as well. The other was mint, box and all. So I am covered if anything. From what I have read, the DOD switches are suspect..so I stomp lightly, just in case :)

General Comments

I know this pedal has been dogged for its shortcomings, and there are obvious ones, but it is also obviously cheap and can be used for guitar, though it was designed more for bass. It puts out great standard envelope vocal sounds, almost to the point of synth quality...with some patience and string control, you can find useful sounds out of it too!

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