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Sound Quality

This pedal is good as is for a 30 dollar pedal and with the 16 mod from an ebay guy it it great. It sounds good through my Gibson humbuckers even split to single coil, and my strat single coils too. It can be noisy with single coils if you don't roll back the tone and distortion knobs. I use this with a few different tranny amps and even though it is meant for tube amps it overdrives most any amp with the same basic principal. Overdrive without tone sucking. I can get a nice Stevie Ray sound in my strat neckup position with this pedal.


Others have said it's stomp switch is iffy, but from openinig and closing mine a few times I found that there's a sweet spot that you can find by messing with the pressure on the left and right screws that hold it to the chassis that will help it go on and off easier and more reliably. Doubt you'd need a backup but it is mostly plastic. :(

General Comments

I gotta say as long as you know what you want out of this pedal you will find it worth the effort to find one cheaply (easy to do) and mod it. You can get really cool overdrive (not distortion) and still have the original tone of your guitar and other effects in tact. I use this with a Cry baby wah, a Zoom 505 (for reverbs, chorus), and into my Lab Series L5 tranny amp. I can get that bluesy strat or mildly overdriven les paul classic rock tones nicely. If you crank the settings it will get noisy so resist the temptation but for the money and little bit of effort it took to get the mod parts off ebay for 16 bucks and half hour of soldering and desoldering it took me and my bass player it was well worth it. Granted this pedal has a limited use but that one use can work so sweetly when used tastefully. Sweet sustain and overdrive with no tonesucking.

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