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Jim Gillivan

roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I've been playing for just over 50 years. I play a Heritage 575 hollow body with HRW pickups - basically superwound Shallers, and very nice. I play big band rhythm a la Freddie Green (ha!! don't I wish!!)and in a quartet backing a vocalist. Both require a clean sound, and with the big band I need to cut through the clutter a bit when the drummer gets going and I have a solo. It does it very well. But I am deeply indebted to the reviewer of 10/23/09, who turned me on to the real setup on this one. I used to have a Cube 60 and the tone settings do NOT automatically transfer to the 80X. i could not make the amp sound good. I was about to return it and hunt down the buyer of my Cube 60 until I read the review. He/she is spot on. I started with the three tone controls fully counterclockwise and over time gradually raised them. For now I have the bass at 10 o'clock, mid at 9 o'clock and treble at 10 o'clock. The presence control is at about 11. It took a couple of hours of fiddling to get what I was loking for. I am using the acoustic or the blackface settings on the lead and shifting to the JC-120 as needed. If you want to hear a sweet clean sound, go over to the Premier Music review and listen to the clip. As the speaker ages and breaks in, I know I will be adjusting things, but for now, I am very happy, as are my bandmates.


DK yet - will have to wait. My experience with Rolands is that they are built like tanks and can take the pounding of gig work and the road. I do have a Studio Slip cover with a pocket for the footswitches and the cabling. My feeling is that this one will be around with me for a long while.


General Comments

From my fussing around with it for a week or two now, I can say that I can get very very comfortable with the tone and the features. For less than $400, it is a bargain!

Reviewer's Background

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