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Sound Quality

I got this from eBay a week ago for $33.50. It was one of those pedals I plugged in and said, "Yeah. This is a keeper." GREAT Slash-like solo sound from the Bridge position humbucker, makes it sound like a neck! I was floored by it. For rhythm, it does sound like a fuzz, and it drops some of the mids out of your tone. Allows for massive bottom and lowermids, though, I can't complain. It completely changes the sound of whatever is going into it. So, it's more like you're playing the pedal than the guitar, but it's a fun sound! Step on the pedal, and boom! Sabbath-like distorto-fuzz. So, great solo tones, much better than the DS-2 I just unloaded, and it gives you more drive than an SD-1 or OD-2. It just sounds meaner and more metal than those pedals, which try to make a natural amp sound. (The SD-1 is a great sounding overdrive, of course.) This is an unnatural sound, but it rocks pretty darn hard. Finger-picked riffs sound great, and there is a boatload of sustain, though I am using it with a high-output humbucker (DiMarzio Breed, astounding pickup!) I've never owned a fuzz-like effect before and I can't believe what I was missing. I've always tried to go for more "natural" sounding things, but now I know that make that wasn't the only way to get hard rock and metal sounds. I used to have an old HM-2 in '87 and I never liked that, but I think that my pickups sucked back then and probably had no mids, plus I made the classic mistake of cranking the treble. You just can't do that on a Boss pedal, there's too much leeway there.


The reliability on these things is not in question, typically.

General Comments

The litany. I have been playing rock and metal for more than 20 years now. I have owned Gibsons but I prefer Ibanez. I have owned Marshalls, but I sometimes prefer Crate. I have swapped pickups enough to know what's good and what isn't. I would definately get it again if I had to for some reason. This helps make music because it's a great sound to play with, a lot of mojo, though if anything, yes, it could use more mids. Pump the bass, cut the treble just a touch, set the drive at medium, and rock out. I am VERY happy with this purchase.

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