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Sound Quality

Effects chain: Fender Stratocaster (Highway 1, 3x Alnico III single coils) >>> Analogman Comprossor >>> Pigtronix EP-1 Envelope Filter >>> Fulltone OCD >>> Sovtek Big Muff Pi >>> Dunlop Crybaby >>> Fender Blues Junior. Kind of noisy when clicked on, even when I take the Big Muff out of my chain (I have a particularly noisy little bugger). While the toe-down area is very responsive and has a pretty good little filter, I wish the range were a little higher, especially since heel-down is muddy, unusable garbage.


Built like a tank.

General Comments

A serviceable pedal, with a mediocre sound. I feel like some tuning of the potentiometer can bring a little more out of it.


I usually don't use it, and just stick with the velocity sensitive EF on my phaser.

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