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Sound Quality

Here's where it shines: I bought this AND the DOD FX100 Integrated Tube Harmonic OD pedal at the same time, to see which pedal would work best between my Edwards ESP Les Paul 1959 reissue and my brand new Hawkins 18 watt pair-of-EL84's w/ 2 12AX7s premap guitar head & cab. A & B'ing these two pedals and this one won hands down. I sold the IT that same day! That's it! So if yer considering the two, for me; it was a no brainer. The IT sounded shirll at times, and uninspiring. But the FX100 sounds like a real extra tube has been dropped in my amp! And this is a quality tube amp to begin with, but Hawkins are built to do the Huge/Overblown sound. but w/ this pedal, getting that sound and all points inbetween are no problems at all! No exra noise at all. Best of all, it can be used effectively w/o overtly colouring the sound of my guitar, because my gtr is the shizzle, too! The speaker output (there are two outs: spkr and regular), however, is a lil useless, as I would never recommend going from ANY pedal straight into a board, unless yer going for that one Led Zepp "Rock and Roll"/Jimmy Page straight into the board-sound.


DOD that's built like a tank. Newer 1990's metal housing w/ heavier duty switch, not like the older DODs that had the two little hex bolts on the plastic pedal part. Someone once said DOD fixes every pedal sent to them for a nominal price. Can't verify that; but if they did, that'd be great!


$60 - $100 used.

General Comments

Compared to the IT FX100 Integrated Tube pedal, this baby is the ONE to beat! This does an outstanding job of simulating an extra tube in yer sound chain. To me there are only 2 DOD pedals: this one and the Corrosion (FX70C: no longer made). the FX70C fer overblown OD & this one fer that classic plexi rhthym "chunka-chunka" sound. Oh, I do love this pedal! If you find 'em at the price I paid ($25) buy them ALL.

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