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Sound Quality

Sound? As a volume pedal it does not color my signal noticeably. (I have been playing guitar for 3 decades, gigging for 2 decades, recording for about the same amount of time, and I used to work for Lexicon, so I have some idea of what's good and what sucks. ;-)All the reviewers who slag the wah sound are, to put it politely, barking up the wrong tree. The wah sound is a function of whatever FX unit you plug this baby into. Personally, I think the 505's wah is surprisingly decent: it kicks the **** out of the wah on my Boss VF-1, which is surprising since the VF-1 is such a godlike unit. ANYWAY, we digress. And as an expression pedal for the 505, it has never given me any problem at all. Neither has the 505, and it's been 12 gig-filled years.


Absolutely dead reliable. Bought it in 1996 and it has never failed me once. It may not *feel* reliable or inspire confidence like my Ernie Ball, but in reality it's even more reliable than my 6-pound Ernie Ball and weighs about as much as a pack of smokes.

General Comments

I'd give it a 10 but the price was out of control.

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