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Sound Quality

I play with a BC Rich Mockingbird Platinum plugged straight into the pedal, then straight out into my church sound board.. no amps or anything.. This makes the quality-of-sound EXTREMELY important. There is NO noise at all, except a SLIGHT high pitch sound on the Acoustic effect.. but when you start playing, it cancels out the noise and sounds GREAT so it's a very small price to pay for such good sound. The effects are all modeled after vintage equipment.. you can choose a 4x12 tweed cabinet with a brit-stack distortion, univibe pedal control and plate-spring echo.. And that's exactly what they're named, not cryptic symbols and arcane runes like some other pedals <cough> DIGITECH </cough> Many of the preset patches are modeled after familiar sources (Corn, G-n-R, Monster, Voodoo) not F42 or F21 or U1 <cough><bold> DIGITECH </bold></cough> A friend of mine who is a hardcore guitar purist, LOVES this pedal.. he says the CORN sound (after I modified it and put it through a 4x12 tweed cab) says it sounds like a peavey 5150.. The rest of the effects are very well made.. you don't hear cheap processing when you play around with the pitch benders and auto-wahs.. they sound authentic and very nice.


I depend on it constantly without a backup, and it has not done me wrong yet. Heck, the AX1G was a great beginner pedal, and it never failed me.. I use it for recording at home now.

General Comments

I play backup guitar at my church.. So my playing ranges from death medal rhythm to reggae to clean acoustic to power lead to melodic harmony.. I don't have time to switch cables and stomp on 20 different individual stomp boxes to get the sound I need.. many times I have to transition from one song to another in .1 seconds, and this pedal makes it possible.

I've been playing for around 4 years now.. don't really own any other gear besides my AX1G pedal.. I'm one of those guys who normally has to sell his current guitar before he can get a new one, so a 'collection' is out of the question. I do, however, have a Fender Strat Mini guitar for practice at home or travel, but that's about as crazy as I get. :)

If this pedal was stolen I'd unleash the power of the Sith on whoever took it.. Otherwise I'd just go buy a new one.. For the price, there is NOTHING that compares.. I used to have a Digitech RP7 (for about 2 days) before I had to get rid of it and get this pedal.. I couldn't believe how hard it was to use that digitech, and it really didn't sound that good at all.. too noisy and inconsistent sound volume/quality.. This pedal smokes it like there's no tomorrow. It has stereo outputs, a headphone jack, and comes with its own AC Adapter, so you can't complain much. I DO wish it had a Bank-Down button instead of having to hit 2 buttons at once, but it's not that hard, and easy to get the hang of. This pedal, with all its capabilities, really helps me expand my creativity and allow me to do things I didn't even know were possible.

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