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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Awright. Since I'm a man who works at studios,I got to tell you about this stuff based on studio sessions,just like my previous review about "H&K's access preamp" 1. Noize This is not that quiet gear. It's not perfectly clean like Line6's POD stuff, because it has valve inside. Considering it's a valve stuff, it's pretty quiet but you still need some good noise gate for serious studio gigs or recordings. 2. Patches/Sounds A. Using JMP-1 with Power amp. I tried this with Mesa/Boogie 2:90, MosValve MV960 poweramps. And Mese/Boogie 12x4 all Black Shadow cab, Marshall 1936, 1960A cabinets all modified with Vintage 30 speakers. Sounds pretty good with any power amps, for drive sound valve power amp(mesa) was better, and for clean sound, both TR & valve power amp were good. But I doubt if I could use jmp-1 with those setting for live gig. Because its drive sound is too weak. The particles of jmp-1's drive are just too small and fussy. Unlike marshall's MAN-Power overdrive sounds which can be brought from jcm800s or else, it's drive sound is just a bark of Paris's Chihuahua. You can get a heavy distortion sound with it, but still sounds way different the distortion sound of Triple rect's stack. So, even if you got nice power amps, just don't get it for your live gig, cause you'll find you brought the wrong one in 15 mins. B. Using with Speaker simulator/emulator for Recording It's pretty good for recording. I tried Marshall's SE-100 which is one of the greatest speaker simulator in history, also palmer speaker simulator that Van Halen used. Sounds pretty nice, and it has the Marshall charactor. So you'll notice in a few seconds saying "that's a jcm sound" when you here a piece recorded with this. Simple connetion : AXE -> JMP-1 -> Speaker Emul -> Gate(optional) -> Recording board C. Using with other EFXs. It's really nice to go with extra effects. As you may know, Some preamps (or any other DRIVE Stuff) are not friendly with other effectors so they just don't mixed up enough to get the tone that you want. Some Drive gears just not get "Wet enough" for your Chorus effector, etc. Most preset patches of JMP-1 are nice to go along your chorus, delay stomps, etc.


When you buy a used Jmp-1, Don't forget to test the knob. Turn the knob, test it, if it's OK and tight enough. This is pretty weak stuff, I saw many used jmp-1 lost their buttons, and I never seen one(used) with knob which is tight and in perfect condition.

General Comments

It's a marshall stuff, and sounds like marshall.

Don't buy this if you're a jazz musician or whoever what you only need is clean sound. Pretty nice stuff for recording, Great stuff for RACK-Preamp rookie pilots.


I think it's worth the money if buy this for $400 or better price.

And Strongly recommend you to think Again for more than $550.

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