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Tune Dawg

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use an American strat and Les Paul. Sound is extremely thin with strat. 2x12 Fender emulation is a joke. The only good sounding amp model id the bassman and the Modern Marshall JCM 2000 amp, the rest suck except for the Dumble Overdrive clean model. Sounds great, but here is the problem with this amp: It produces a great deal of white noise-like static which causes me to lower the speaker attenuator on back to about 30 watts without hissing. Now I am trying to emulate a 100 watt stack with a 30 watt solid state amp? It simply does not work. None of the clean models sound like a tube amp, and only one hi-gain sounds decent. I tried taking the back off to reduce the resonant frequency lower-mid boom, but I lost about 50% of what little bass there was. I tried changing the tube with a Mullard, no noticable differnce. It is overly bright and mid-rangy. Tone controls have almost no effect on most models. Here's another oddity: You have a master volume control, a gain control, and volume control, and a speaker attenuator. Why? Four volume controls? I only need two: gain and volume. This amp does not make any sense at all. Sounds cheap, plastciky, and lifeless. There is a HUGE volume difference between models, which can be expected between the Vox AC-15 and the Marshall JCM 800, but why is the Dumble so quiet? I can barely hear it when volume is half way up.. The Vox models sound muddy. Amazing. Who made this amp?


The channel settings can not be saved. It is made in the same factory (Korg) as Marshall. Nuff said. My Marshall just died. Third one in three years. Sometimes this amp forgets the effects and stays locked in the previous bizzare effects combination. Allready showing why I hate compuer-based amps. Memory errors!

General Comments

Been playing 25 years now. Buy a decent tube amp and some pedals for the best sound. But this if you never plan on buying another amp and hate pedals. Technology changes rapidly. Tube amps are cheap on ebay. This wou be best suited for punks who like metal.

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