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Tune Dawg

Fender Deluxe Power Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

It suites my style just fine. great for clean stuff. The piezo works great with a little tweaking. I run this strat throuh a Fender Super Champ with a JBL speaker. I use a cheap Zoom G1 effects box ($60) in front and use the acoustic simulator with the piezo. The piezo is super quiet. Sounds very nice with or without reverb. Sounds even better when you blend in about half the volume of the magnetic pups, especially the neck pup. The humbucker is super bright a bit brittle by itself, that's why having the tone control on all three pups is so nice. I roll it off to about 7 where it stays. Overall, the guitar produces a nice, warm, fat tone through my amp. Very even response, but not exactly metal guitar. The Tex Mex pups will be replaced eventually, probably with Seymore Duncans. The piezo needs an acoustic simulator or PA to bring out the best acoustic-like sounds, but it does indeed sound like an acoustic guitar if tweaked properly.


I would love to gig with this axe. I play mostly rythm, so it is perfect for my needs. It seems like it is built like a tank, not as nice as American strats though. The neck is not as straight.

General Comments

I have been playing over 20 years now. I have owned 3 or 4 Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Kprean, and American Fender guitars. American strats are the best in my opinion. This ranks just behind the Japanese strat in quality, but ahead of Indonesian and Chinese Fenders I have owned. The price for this guitar is too high. I could have bought another new American strat for less than this, but I am tired of lugging to amps and two guitars everywhere I go, so that is why I like this guitar. I had to look all over the state to find this, and was floored when I heard the piezo through an Acoustic amp. No need for the Y-cable, just a cheap effects box with an acoustic sim gets the job done. Jaws drop when I use the piezo. Just what I was looking for, but expensive.

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