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Sound Quality

The instruments sounds good until you plug it in. Tone off the amp seems to be full with good sustain. But the pickups just aren't getting that good sound to the amp. To bright and tinny sounding for my taste and they feed back something fierce when you try to wind it up. As I stated before they will be coming out as soon as I decide what to replace them with. I will say that I knew I would be replacing these when I bought the guitar. I didn't expect to get good quality pickups in a $300 guitar.


I have had this instrument for about 3 months and I don't play out so its hard for me to say much. It does seem well built and should hold up well.

General Comments

I rate this guitar an 8. I have been playing for about 20 years mostly just for fun but have been around a number of other people who play out and have been around a number of instruments. I currently own a Washburn 4V-WD and a Marshall 8100 valvstate half stack. I run my guitars through a BOSS digital delay, super chorus and HMII distortion. Lastly a DOD distortion. I think this would be a great instrument for the beginner or intermediate player who is looking for a fixed bridge instrument. I bought this guitar mostly because I had only instruments with Floyd rose tremalos and wanted something that would be easier to tune down. If someone stole it I would hunt them down and feed them their testicals just because they were A!*holes! Other wise I think I would try a Raven RM2000 just to see how they compare. Lastly and importantly if you are looking on spending the extra $150 on an Epi LP, don't. I sat the Samick beside the Epi and if the headstocks weren't different you could not tell them apart. Rumor has it that they were made in the same factory.

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