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Sound Quality

I covered a lot of that above. This amp sounds like a JTM45. The JTM45/bassman isn't regarded as one of the greatest amps ever for no reason. The ceritaone implementation uses the real layout, and top quality parts. It is a very high quality amp built as well as any amp I've ever seen. There are no compromises in quality and that comes through in the sound.


It's built well. Hand wired main board built to the trational JTM specs. Quality xformers, alpha pots, the jacks look authentic as well as the front and back panel. This amp should last a long long time.


General Comments

I don't remember exactly what I paid but it was six something including shipping and it arrived in about a week.


Overall, considering not just the price, but what you get for the price, you have to consider this amp if you're in the market for a JTM45. The assembly work is top notch. I've been building amps for years and I couldn't do it that well. Wires are neatly routed and solder joints are all shiny and perfect.


I'm a perfectionist so a glowing review like this is unusual for me. The bottom line is that this is one excellent JTM45 clone.

Reviewer's Background

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