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Gerry G

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Using with Strat, LP and Ric. I like it with single coil pickups. Princeton 65 and Fender Hotrod Deluxe. What the Bad Monkey does for me is tune the Princeton into a tube amp. Takes the clean channel right to the edge of breakup. Think scratchy burble, like a tube, but without being distorted. The notes are still clear but that tube punch is there. You can get more distortion turning it up but I don't think that is the purpose. Does the same on the Hotrod. It is like a favorite third channel setting. Clean, Clean with Bad Monkey and Dirty


I don't gig but the construction and quality appears to be excellant, I would think it to be reliable.

General Comments

I play at home, soft rock, blues stuff. Playing about five years. I would replace it. I only have a Digitech RP50. Buying this though, makes me what to get a couple other digitech pedals to keep it simple.


Speaking from the desire to get a clean overdrive tubey sound from a solid state amp or just make the tube amp sound richerA pedal that actually changes the sound of the amp, not just a neat effect.


When this was demonstrated to me at GC it did nothing because the salesman did not know how to use it. After speaking with Digitech and using it correctly it is an awesome pedal.

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