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Sound Quality

When I got the amp, the previous owner had already retubed it with new sovteks and groove tubes and it sounded very nice. I retubed it immediately based on recommendations from here and elsewhere to get matched valves from Eurotubes. This was a wise choice. I still have the stock Peavey Blue Marvel speakers installed. I might try some Jensens based on good reviews here. The clean channel has good amount of headroom, particularly at home use volumes even on my humbucker-equipped LP. Playing the neck on the clean channel with the volume cranked on the guitar is SRV. Channel two is the drive channel and it sounds amazing. The creamy overdrive you get is blues to classic rock all the way. My personal settings for volume and tone: Pre amp gain and post volume both at 5 or 6, bass at 4 to 5, treble and mid both at 6. Rolling the bridge volume up and down will give you the needed overall gain: cranked to 9 or 10 on your LP or SG = Angus Young all the way. Sounds flippin' awesome. Disclaimer: I live in a single family house and the back bedroom is the music room. I can listen very loud. If you cannot, you'll need more gain on the pre and less on the post. To get apartment level volume with distortion/overdrive, you will likely need a pedal.


This guy is built like a tank, BUT my model still has the exposed tubes in the back. The new ones are now protected. I have called Peavey to ask them questions and you get a real person in Mississippi. Also where this amp was and is still made. In the good old US of A.

General Comments

I started playing electric guitar last year and the sound I get from this amp makes me happy and want to play more.

I doubt there would ever be a case that it would be lost or stolen but if it did, I would replace it in a heartbeat.

I defy anyone to find me another amp of this quality, made in the USA even for what you would have to pay in Guitar Center brand new.

It cannot be done.

Hell, how many Fenders are even made in the US anymore?


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