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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

ibanez rg style guitars are what i use. i play mainly post harcore with alot of grind,death,black,and speed metal. and this thing has more than enough options for me to get exactly what i want out of it. any authentic marshall sound you want.


i was able to replace the tubes myself and i havent had any other problems with it

General Comments

i've been playing guitar for about 5 years now, i'm fairly young, but i've owned several other preamps in the past including a mesa vtwin rack preamp, and a bogner/hafler triple giant. and i'd take this preamp over them for versitality alone, but i do prefer the sound.

i wish more mods were available just for fun i guess. and i really wish it had an input on the back.

not many preamps i'd take over this one(h&k access), especially for the cost.

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