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Sound Quality

I play it through a cornford carrera 8 watts, koch studiotone 20 W and a Marsh champ version 5 W. This guitar is a blues monster. Wonderful neck pickup. Truly amazing. Powerful, complex and rich clean tones. Warm, full and mellow overdriven tones. Perfect for blues and classic rock. Metal is not its terrain.


Still don¿¿t know. The guitar is new. I think it is sturdy. We will see.


General Comments

I have been playing for five years. Classic rock and blues. I have a Suhr strat, a couple of custom strats, a mexican tele and a heritage 150. I love how it sounds, rich, clear and powerful. I also love its playability. This guitar is a bargain.

I will buy it inmediately if stolen. Maybe I would ask Heritage for the same guitad painted in tobacco sunburst directly over the mahogany and with an ebony finguerboard...

Reviewer's Background

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