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Sound Quality

I have been using this unit for over 15 years and I think there are some FANTASTIC sounds in this unit. I do not use any of the distortions because I find them to be typical of digital distortion ¿¿¿ kinda yucky ¿¿¿ but the effects in this unit are very good¿¿¿.the delays, choruses and reverbs are excellent. I also really like the #3 amp voicing ¿¿¿ very full sounding. I run a Keeley DS-1 in front of the unit for distortion and I am getting some fantastic sounds out of this unit. My favourite effects chains are #3 (great with the Keeley DS-1), #11 and #12 (nice delays). I recently decided to try and upgrade and go with a floor based multi effect unit so I tried a Boss GT but I quickly went back to the GSP 5 because I liked the voicings and modulation effects better even though editing was much easier on the Boss GT. As far as setting it up goes, I tried the GSP 5 in the effects loop of my amp but I read that you are not supposed to run it in the effects loop so I am running it in front of the amp and it works fine. My set up is like this ¿¿¿ Strat>Wah>DOD 201 phaser>Keeley DS-1>GSP 5>input of Carvin Legacy. I also run a CE-2 and DD-3 in the effects loop of the Carvin. With this set up I am able to get a huge variety of excellent sounds and I get regular compliments on my tone from people in the audience including other guitar players so I am extremely happy with this set up.


I¿¿¿ve had it for over 15 years and I use it every week and it still works fine so I have to give it at least a 9 here. One of the parameter buttons got sticky and stopped working but I took it into a local pro audio shop and they fixed it up in a jiffy for less than $40. I wish all of my gear could go for 15 years with only one $40 repair required after a decade and a half.


General Comments

I posted this review because I have seen these units going for next to nothing on the internet so I wanted to let people know that I think these are a steal of a deal because I have really enjoyed this unit for many years. Overall, I think this is an excellent unit. It has become an integral part of my sound over the years and I always seem to go back to it¿¿¿kinda like that girlfriend you just can¿¿¿t leave¿¿¿.there is something special about it¿¿¿.I think the magic lies in the amp voicings. If I lost it or it was stolen I would have to get another one because it has become such an integral part of my sound over the years. If you are like me you probably won¿¿¿t like the distortions in the unit but the effects and amp voicings alone make this unit special and well worth the money¿¿¿especially since you can find some amazing deals on these units ¿¿¿ I did a google search and saw several for sale for less than $80! You can¿¿¿t even buy a decent pedal for $80 anymore! ¿¿¿give this unit a try and I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Reviewer's Background

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